With the iPhone 4 out in the wild along with its super-powerful Retina display, not to mention iOS4, updates to pre-existing apps are almost always necessary. Happily, Pangea Software is keeping up—they've updated all of their apps to support the new iPhone 4.

Not familiar with Pangea? They've got plenty of apps to their name. My favorites include the aquatic puzzle game Enigmo (and its sequel, Enigmo 2); caveman racing game Cro-Mag Rally; and the Missile Command-esque Warheads. Bugdom 2, Otto Matic, Antimatter, Billy Frontier, PangeaVR, and Nanosaur 2 are also receiving updates.

The updates take advantage of the iPhone 4's display by adding higher-resolution graphics. Brian Greenstone, President of Pangea Software, says that "the retina display is truly astounding, and the games all look like nothing you’ve ever seen before.” All the games have been tweaked to accommodate the new OS as well.

If you've just nabbed an iPhone 4 and own some Pangea apps, make sure to download the updated versions and put that gorgeous display to good use!

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