It’s the ideal time of year to try out something new, so why not make that Pakistani cuisine? A new app by the name of Cookery Magazine HD provides all the inspiration anyone could need for South Asian cooking.

The app offers over 22 recipes, each with high quality images. Alongside that are articles on women’s health issues such as pregnancy, as well as offering home remedies for various situations.

The crux of the app comes from the recipes themselves though. Just a glance below at the screenshots demonstrates just how attractive the magazine app is. Soups and salads, vegetable dishes, sea food, rice, snacks and meat dishes are all catered for here with recipes like pasta salads included as well as meals such as the spicy Beef Karahi and Tehri Pulao.

It’s appetizing to just think about and laid out in a very appealing manner.

Cookery Magazine HD is out now priced at $0.99.

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