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Overkill, Craneballs’ free target shooter, has gotten a major update bringing Game Center online head-to-head multiplayer to the proceedings. It operates in a similar fashion to Fruit Ninja’s online multiplayer. There are three sets of enemies: blue enemies that the player must shoot for points. These enemies, if not taken care of before they firing circle meter diminishes, will shoot at the player, which causes the player to lose points. The red enemies are the other player’s enemies; shooting them causes a point penalty to be assessed. The white enemies are worth a lot of points, but can be shot by either player, so getting to them before the other player is the goal. As well, there are powerups that can be shot, granting temporary upgrades or attacks to obscure the other player’s view. Lag does not appear to affect the player’s aiming, though the view of the opponent’s target may be delayed.

There are two tiers of gameplay: Novice, where everyone has the same weapon, and Elite where gun upgrades, flying bots, score bonuses, and Game Center leaderboards get involved. This mode costs 30 Overkill Medals to unlock. The free update is available now.

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Released: 2011-03-17 :: Category: Games

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