Osito Learns Your Daily Routine To Give Personalized Traffic, Travel and Weather Alerts

Posted by Andrew Stevens on April 22nd, 2013
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Osito is a smart app that provides you with personalized information based your daily routine. It will alert you of a traffic jam that may interfere with your commute to work and let you know what time you need to leave to make it to your next meeting. It also informs you of weather alerts, travel details, and more.

- Once Osito learns your daily commute, it'll alert you to any delays or accidents on your commute -- suggesting you leave earlier or even try an alternate route.
- Osito will alert you to your flight 24-hours before departure and as your pulling up to the airport, deliver your travel itinerary and boarding pass. When you land, Osito will deliver your hotel information or suggest the number of a local taxi.
- Osito saves you the step of checking the weather -- whether it's for your upcoming local work week or if you're traveling on vacation in a few days.

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