Gameloft’s juggernaut of a mobile phone MMO has just hit the 1 year-old mark. While celebrating the occasion with a huge update isn’t exactly out of the ordinary it’s still certainly something worth talking about. Especially because it includes a number of additions as well as one particular feature players have been clamoring for over the past twelve months.

The list of new stuff is fairly extensive. Various bug fixes are to be expected, as well as some new quests. Players will also receive a free gift box, a special Thank You letter, access to new items and pets, and will be able to mess around with the new Lottery system. Those who have been playing for over three months will also get a special Anniversary pet. And it wouldn’t be a proper celebration without some flagrant fashions (i.e. new clothes for NPCs) and fireworks that can be purchased as well as simply viewed in all their explosive glory. Last but certainly not least, Gameloft has given the fans what they want and included 3G support. So now Order and Chaos can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere.

The festivities have already begun, so make sure to get on that downloading. Everyone else who isn’t already playing can download it now for $6.99, which includes a free 3 months of play ($0.99/month after that).

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Released: 2011-04-27 :: Category: Games

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