WeDoodle is ngmoco's latest application to be launched on the iTunes App Store, a game based on multiplayer sketching and guessing that's sure to improve your all-necessary doodling skills.

WeDoodle is free and available for both iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, providing users with a miniature digital canvas to draw on. The application features various "creative crafts" like stencils, brushes, canvas backgrounds and more so that the drawings aren't so much doodles as they are sketches, making it easier for those who have the task of having to guess exactly what is being drawn. With support for seven languages built in, as well as a multiple game mode that "allows doodlers to challenge the world in live in online play," the game is sure to shake some heads and provide hours of doodling practice. Who says the iPhone isn't productive?

On a related note, this is ngmoco's first release since its now-confirmed acquisition by DeNA, the Japanese gaming company, who are branching out into a world that is already over 250,000 applications strong.

Much is riding on the future health of ngmoco's releases. Although DeNA put forward $300 million in cash and securities, an additional $100 million is available assuming specific milestones are met by the company throughout next year. With a free application, the right marketing and advertisements are crucial. One thing's for sure - if ngmoco's platform of free applications and advertisements is successful, we could well be seeing a glimpse of what the future has to hold. Until then, you'll just have to doodle about it.

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