Anyone who has ever read a copy of Highlights magazine knows what a hidden object game is. Players are presented with a big picture and are tasked with finding the objects hidden within. With the advent of social gaming and its ability to easily feed players new content and connect them with friends, the genre seen new life. Take for example Game Insight’s Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure which has now made the leap to iPad.

The 8 million people that have already played Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure since its release on sites like Facebook and Orkut know that the game’s hook is its atmosphere. In order to break the secret of Mystery Manor and find Mister X players must look for objects inside a hand-drawn haunted house filled with all of the zombies, monsters, gypsies and other creatures that implies. Beyond that though the game seems to offer enough puzzles and challenge modes to make the gameplay worthwhile as well.

Game Insight plans to offer new content like extra characters and quests on a fairly regular basis. They claim one “will never finish the game.” Best of all, Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure is available for free.

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