, the spectral tabletop caper by Asmodee, finally has a new release date. The game was delayed late in 2016 to work out some last minute kinks to ensure the digital version was just as polished as the printed Mysterium we already know and love. Luckily fans didn't have to wait too long on this side of the New Year as the game officially launches on Thursday.

The board game is a mix of Clue and the narrative-driven Dixit. Players work together to help a spirit get their revenge by deciphering a series of visions sent to them from the other side of the veil. One player takes on the role of the spirit, using their creativity to get their message across through crytpically illustrated "vision" cards. Players help each other interpret these visions to determine the scene of the crime, the weapon, and the muderer's identity. Mysterium is a good blend of competitive and cooperative elements, and the design and art style are wholly absorbing.

The digital version will provide that same campaign in multiplayer format. It's equipped with matchmaking and chat features, and accommodates up to 7 players. Mysterium is also getting a brand new single player story featuring new characters and a 1920's setting. The game is expected to go for $6.99 at launch.

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