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Posted by 148Apps Staff on December 7th, 2018
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While it can sometimes seem like we are drowning in a sea of battle royale games, few struggle to actually deliver the kind of fun and frantic experience you’d expect from a refined entry in the genre. Well step aside from those other games because continues to go from strength to strength, by adding a new character class and also being named by Google as one of the best indie games of the year and being globally featured in the Google Play Store starting from today.

To get anyone unfamiliar with Meerkatgames’ take of real-time battle royale genre, is thought of as the lighter alternative to Fortnite and PUBG. The game prides itself on being lighter and more accessible than most other you’ll see, featuring an eclectic cast of character classes that can level up, learn new skills, and complete unique quests for rewards.

You’re still duking it out with others in, only rounds aren’t nearly as much of a slog as other battle royales thanks to it being just 20 players dropped on each map. There’s also more to the game than simply defeating those around you, as challenges you to fight monsters too while doing your best to reach first place and obtain the crown.

And we’re not the only one who like the game. has just recently been recognised by Google as one of the best indie games of 2018 in Korea, indicating the game’s nature of being an inventive and refined experience. The bestowing of awards by Google doesn't end there, as is globally featured in the Google Play Store starting from today, providing access to the game to even more users. Because of this, expect even more players to be jumping on the fun and frantic PVP action over the upcoming Christmas period and beyond.

You’d think that would be willing to call it a day there, but oh no. In celebration of this major achievement, and to thank the players that have already made the game a success, developer Meerkatgames is gearing up to add a new character class: The Assassin. This brings the number of character types in up to four, giving players an all-new way to play.

The Assassin class differs from the other cute and charming characters present in, acting as a fighter type that is adept at using close or long-range weapons while moving around on the battlefield. The class’ special techniques include hiding, transformation, evasion, as well as assassination – all elements that translate to new skills such as Ambush, Rolling Barrage, and Ace in the Hole. Expected to watch your back when the Assassin is in town later this December.

Being a threat on the battlefield is all about mastering the specific skills of your chosen class, planning your strategy to gain an advantage over the other 19 players you’re facing. Do so correctly and the rewards you gain from winning battles will not only to unlock new characters, but also costumes, weapons, accessories, and resources too.

There’ve never been a better time to jump into and experience what Google as deemed one of 2018’s best indie games in Korea worth to be featured globally – especially when there’ll be a totally new character class waiting for you to try. is free to download for both iOS and Android devices now.

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