It’s a problem that many parents face: how to encourage their kids to complete useful chores and tasks. The carrot and stick idea is a good one, encouraging kids to do things in exchange for eventual rewards. This is exactly why parents for years have organized sticker charts to give the youngsters a goal to attain. Once upon a time, my parents would give me a gold star every time I completed a chore with the promise of a toy He-Man: Masters of the Universe sword once I completed the chart.

Technology has moved on and so has the way that sticker charts are completed. So we come to Sticker Quest, a new app that parents and children can play together, creating daily chores and giving kids an everyday list of quests to complete such as brushing their teeth, tidying their room or simply drawing a picture of a dinosaur. Kids can then collect stickers for every task/quest they complete as well as level up to unlock new characters.

It’s a pretty fun sounding concept to me and one that kind of sounds like a child’s version of EpicWin which certainly did wonders to my motivation!

Sticker Quest is out now priced at $0.99.

Oh and I never did get my He-Man sword. Boo.

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