Fifteen years ago the concept of watching television when not in the home seem farfetched at best.  To put it quite frankly, why would you want to watch television outside of the home to begin with?  This is why technology has transformed the way that we live our daily lives.  The question is whether that has actually been for the better or not, but that is water under the bridge at this point.

So what if you had the ability to not only view your favorite television broadcasts on the road, but from your iOS device of choice as well.  With the aid of the Monsoon Multimedia Vulkano you can now live this dream to its fullest.  Not only can you live stream the content though, because now you can also use your device as a portable DVR as well!  Here are the full list of new features:

  • Direct to mobile recording supports iPhone and iPad now

  • iPhone/iPad recording in mp4 formats containing H264+AAC

  • Android recording in mp4 formats containing H264+AAC

  • BlackBerry recording in ASF formats containing WMV3 and WMA

  • iPhone/iPad recording in D1 or 640x480 or 352x240 resolutions

  • Android recording in D1 or 640x480 or 352x240 resolutions

  • Insufficient memory alert

You can check out the Vulkano's website for full details, but know that their lowest price device, the Vulkano Flow retails for a mere $99.

While part of me wonders if there is any market for a product like this, I look over my full Tivo DVR and realize that yes, I too should be all over this handy little piece of technology.  Just remember that if find yourself losing countless more hours of your life burning through your phone's battery and taking extended bathroom breaks in your office, it wasn't our idea.  With amazing pieces of technology, comes great responsibility.


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