The problem with iOS devices are that they can be very awkward to use in certain positions or while you're laying in bed - the iPad's large size, for example, can make it awkward to use as you always need to hold it. If you want to do something like watch a video or type on it, you have to find some way to prop it up, and that's not always easy. What is an iOS addict to do? Well, if Tricia Hanley has her way, the Mobile Pad Cloud could soon be the answer to those addicts' prayers.

The inspiration for the Mobile Pad Cloud was when Tricia Hanely was suffering from a bout of tennis elbow, and needed some way to use her iPhone without having to hold it. So, she created a prototype triangle-shaped foam mold, with cutouts for using her device in both vertical and horizontal orientations. She's also made a prototype for the iPad, which is possibly the killer application of this type of stand, as the iPad is especially awkward to use while laying in bed, especially when trying to type, so a lightweight stand that would hold the iPad up while laying down would be of great use to many people. However, this stand would also be of use while you're sitting down, or even to set it up while on a desk or table.

The biggest problem with the Mobile Pad Cloud? It doesn't exist in a form where you can just go out and buy it yet. So Tricia Hanley has created a project on Kickstarter to help acquire funding from users. Depending on how much funding users provide, they can get everything from special mentions on the Mobile Pad Cloud's web site, to one of the first available production models, up to 8 finished Mobile Pad Clouds and a pair of prototypes for those who wish to donate a lot of money to the funding of the Mobile Pad Cloud. While this product does not exist yet, it could, someday, and it could make use of iOS devices much more comfortable.

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