Gaming is rarely used to advance social causes. Most games with violence in them are presented without comment, and they rarely make a comment on real-world violence, or any other major social issues. However, developer Amnesty International, with French ad agency La Chose, has partnered with French game developer Mobigame, known for games like Edge, Cross Fingers, and Perfect Cell, to release Bulletproof for iOS. The purpose of the game is primarily to raise awareness and revenue for Amnesty International. The game lets you sign up for Amnesty International's email newsletter and all revenues for the $0.99 game will be going to Amnesty International, and the game was made pro bono by Mobigame.

Bulletproof has you trying to stop bullets fired at a man condemned to death by firing squad, with 10 levels. You must tap the bullets as they come in to stop them, with later levels bringing more bullets at faster rates. There are 10 levels to play, and the app is universal, with Retina Display support. Mobigame have been going the universal app route for most of their games nowadays, with Cross Fingers having also recently gotten an update to support the iPad.

It's great to see gaming used for causes beyond just pure entertainment - this app being used to help make money for an organization that Mobigame supports. Gaming as a platform for sending messages or supporting causes seems like a huge step forward for the medium of gaming as something that can entertain in an interactive way, while also having something bigger to say about society. The App Store is also a great place for more games like this to potentially spread, given the ability for smaller games to be produced at smaller budgets, instead of the challenges of making more financially risky games on the larger consoles. Bulletproof is available on the App Store now.


+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2011-04-19 :: Category: Game


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