It’s been a few weeks/months since the last MMAHQ, but I feel that there’s no better day than today to mark its return. For those of you who are too young to remember the glory days, I’ll recap. Monday Morning App HQ is a weekly article that covers the news that I find most interesting from the weekend and beyond. There really aren’t any set guidelines for the article, and I always take article requests… the funnier the topic the better. Well here it goes. Enjoy!

Girlie Apps No More

daisymae1I felt a great disturbance in the force this weekend. Not sure what the problem was, I went straight to CNN and found that there were no disasters to be aware of. I called my family and thankfully found that everything was alright. I thought to myself, “maybe that Mario Sounds app was #1 in the App Store”. Nope. I did find the culprit though. What I felt was the collective groan from every preteen and teenage boy that owned an iPhone or an iPod Touch. Apple, in a move which I’m sure makes their lives infinitely easier, pulled “girlie apps” from the App Store.

That means no pasties, no big boob editions, no strip teases… nothing. Most developers have only good things to say about the situation. One prominent developer said, “”As a game developer, I think this opens the top spots for quality games to be seen. Any spot that opens up for good content to be given a chance to shine is a great move for the iTunes market.” The situation is a bit different though for others.

After asking some people through AIM that I assumed would be prime consumers of the “girlie apps”, I found that the collective thought was “FFFFFFFFFFF!!!!” and “this is American damn it!”. One even said that “Removing boob apps is like saying woman aren’t good enough for the app store”. I won’t touch that one with a 10 foot pole.

Another victim of Girlie App Massacre 2010 was IUGO’s Daisy May’s Alien Buffet, which apparently was just a bit too racy for Steve Jobs. While the game never claims to have anything naked, it did aim to be quite sexy. Nobody is sure of where the sexy limit is, but IUGO seemed to have unfortunately crossed it. Word is that Daisy May is being retooled and will hopefully come back in March.

An App That People Need To Be Using

I decided at some point last week that I need to find a more regular sleep pattern, so I figured that I would accurately track my sleep to see what’s going on. To help me with my task, I’ve been using Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (SCAC). After four days of use I’ve found that I sleep around 6 hours a day, which is two less than I should be getting. I’ve also found that SCAC wakes me up automatically when you are in your lightest period of sleep, and I feel great in the mornings, no matter how much sleep I get! Since this discovery, I’ve totally ditched trying to regulate my sleep patterns, and am now testing the limits of SCAC’s powers. I’m planning on sleeping only 4-5 hours a night the rest of the week, just to see how I’ll feel.

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This Weeks Sign Of The Apocalypse

Martha Stewart, the epitome of everything that Apple isn’t, has not only invaded the App Store, but is doing it with much success. Apparently her recipe collection from Everyday Food magazine is just what the doctor ordered. I don’t know what it is, but there is absolutely something evil about seeing her face adorned on the main App Store page. My world is crumbling.

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Extra Promo Codes… I Know You Want Them

I have a few extra promo codes to give away today, and I figure that this is the best medium to give them away. They are all only good in the US App Store, and each code can only be used once. Get them while they last!


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