Regular commuters will know that driving can get pretty dull and tedious. Sure, you can turn the radio on but even that can turn uninteresting after a time. What you need is a sense of being part of an epic adventure, right? In which case, backing Mission: Escape might be exactly what you're after.

Currently in development and in need of Kickstarter backers, Mission: Escape is the brainchild of Fernando Macias-Jimenez. Recently graduated from the California State University in Chico, California, Fernando is a young composer with a passion for writing music to a set scene.

Recently, while driving through Chico and listening to David Arnold's Quantum of Solace soundtrack, he realised something.

"I was driving about 30 miles per hour and I was pretty much alone in the street, yet the music suddenly gave me this rush of thrill and made me feel like I was in an action movie, with people chasing me and so on. The feeling was so vivid that it made me say out loud to myself "wow, that was awesome". A few days later I though, "wouldn't it be awesome to have something that would take that feeling one step further and REACT to how you are driving so that the music doesn't seem arbitrary and generic, but customized to what you are doing at the moment?""

Fernando then joined together with others and came up with some great ideas and features, eventually leading to the creation of Mission: Escape.

The music is set to be 100% original with the focus on being "very epic" and "very fun". The app will react according to situations such as if you're waiting at a stop light, it'll turn calm and serene, while once acceleration kicks in, the music will turn more cinematic and exciting. Sound effects of enemies and messages from "home base" will also be included. It sounds thrilling but what of the safety aspect? Surely, it could turn things risky?

Fernando explains, "The speed limit is definitely a big one since it's the most obvious to cause problems. This also happens to be one of the "easier" ones to implement to some extent. Others, such as overtaking, are a bit more difficult to determine. However, we are trying to develop a security system that will try to gauge if the driver is driving recklessly and will advice the user to stop doing so or it will shut down the application. The way we would do this would be by detecting aggressive actions such as harsh acceleration, hard stopping, extra sharp turning or movement (changing lanes too fast), among other things. The iPhone will easily give us information when a user is doing something like that. The only thing to do is to create a balance point so that the security system only works when the user is actually driving recklessly and not because of something else," with the plan for plenty of testing and development to ensure it works well and in the right scenario.

Fernando was also keen to point out that safety will take priority alongside such exciting thrills.

It all sounds pretty intriguing to me and certainly an unique way of using such technology. Check out the Hands-on demo video below as well as the Mission: Escape Kickstarter page. We'll be sure to keep an eye on the app's development.

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