Polygon reports that Mojang, the developers of Minecraft, is looking to release a new monthly service plan this summer to enable a more simplified gameplay experience for Minecraft players. Minecraft Realms will allow fans to easily create a permanent, private world on a server and have complete control of who may join them in their world. Currently, fans need to know technical knowledge on how to set up and rent their own server in order to have their own private world, but soon they will be able to instantly have a server up and running with one simple click of a button, thanks to the simplified Realms monthly service.

Mojang plans to launch Minecraft Realms on their mobile edition of the game, Pocket Edition, and even more interestingly have discussed the possibility of designing a way for PC and Mobile versions of Realms to communicate with each other, though it would be a difficult undertaking. The other topic of discussion is to eventually add the ability for players to form a network of servers by connecting to each other to create an even more social experience.

source: Polygon