Middle-earth: Shadow of War guide - beginner tips for sneaking past nasty orcses

Posted by Jessica Famularo on September 29th, 2017
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In case you missed it, Middle-earth: Shadow of War launched this week. The game brings Shadow of Mordor's gloomy atmosphere and clever nemesis system to mobile in one of the platform's best Lord of the Rings games yet. Shadow of War is an action RPG with some endless runner elements. Despite the fact that battles are on rails, there are some tactical maneuvers you'll have to make. Here are a few tips to make sure you survive the first few battles in Shadow of War.

Study up on enemy skills

Pay attention to the unique abilities different types of orcs have. This information will help you survive tougher levels, leaving you fresh for the brutal boss fights ahead. If an enemy has a spinning attack, be sure to keep your squishier champions further back, for example.

Complete daily missions

Completing the daily missions are relatively easy. Be sure to check in on the trophy icon on the main page to see which daily missions you have available. Completing this simple tasks will net you gems, energy and other goodies that will be a huge help to you early on.

Save your heals

Starting out, you'll have access to Lady Marwen who has some nice area of effect healing spells to soothe your wounds. Healing is her special ability which you can use by tapping on her portrait when the skill is ready. Try not to use it when your champions are in relatively good health. Wasting a heal could put you in danger further down the road when a powerful enemy attacks you and you're still waiting on the cooldown timer.

Use targeting to your advantage

Remember that you can target different characters. When using an ability, hold and drag your portrait over the orc you'd like to attack. You can also double tap on an enemy to have all of your champions gang up on them. This is a good way to take out tough, troublesome targets quickly and safely.

Have you already conquered the Uruk-hai? Share your expert advice in the comments below.

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