Gram Games latest project, Merge Farm! is out now. It's an endless clicker turned strategy game in which you take a plot of land and turn it into a farm. Plant crops, manage your buildings, and keep your customers coming back to become the most successful farmer in the land.

Merge Farm! may seem overwhelming at first, but we're here to help with some nifty beginner tips and tricks. Off we go!

The customer is always right

Stay on top of customer orders. You'll need money to upgrade your farm and plant new crops, so you'll want to be cycling through customers frequently. It's good practice to have a few units of each crop stocked up to fulfill any need at a moments notice. This will keep you from scrambling later on, planting and growing a crop you might not have on hand, which could waste precious time and make your customers upset.

Get organized

Keep your garden plots and buildings close together, rather than planting and building things willy nilly. You'll be able to gather resources more quickly when everything is close and convenient, again saving you a lot of time.

Sell unneeded plots

Eventually you'll need more space on your farm, or perhaps you'll find yourself strapped for cash. Evaluate your farm and see if there are any farm plots you might be neglecting that you could sell. These plots sell for a pretty penny, and selling could make your farm much more manageable.

Double your harvest

If you watch ads or use boosters, you can double the amount of crops you can harvest. We highly recommend doing this after you wake up in the morning or have otherwise left the game for a few hours. That way you'll have a lot to collect, which you can then double by watching an ad when you first log-in to the game.

How do you keep your farm running smoothly? Share your tips in the comments below.

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