[img id="media.1.jpg "]This week, historically, is the most important week of the year for the college basketball fan. It all starts with Selection Sunday when the field of 64 (or 65 as it is now) is announced. Then, college basketball fans worldwide struggle for the next 3.5 days to fill out their brackets. And finally, Thursday comes around and the first game tips off. From there it's 4 straight days of basketball nirvana.

Here's a quick round-up of some apps that can help you enjoy this week. Some to fill out your brackets with, and one to even help you catch the games when away from a TV.

CBS Sports NCAA® March Madness on Demand® is back for the second year. This app is on the high end price wise for an app, but it has one really special feature. Along with sports scores, news, and full bracket coverage, this app lets you stream video of every single NCAA Tournament game. That's right every single one of the games, even over 3G and Edge. There's also audio-only coverage if you prefer that. Last year the app worked really well for me. Great if you can't get away from work to watch a game, you can just sneak into the bathroom and watch it there. I'm not too proud admit that I've had to do that once or twice...[itmsapp: 356988414]
There's also a free version minus the streaming.[itmsapp: 356988952]

Hit the jump for more great apps to help you enjoy March Madness.

PocketBracket Let's admit it -- the best thing about this week is the company sanctioned mass gambling in the office. This app can make keeping track of your pool and your brackets much easier than paper. Not only can you keep track of your own brackets and how they are doing, you can run bracket pools with this app.
[itmsapp: 305340348]

Hooplytics is an app that helps you fill out your bracket and know more about the games than anyone else. Loaded with stats and the ability to simulate the games means you might know a little more than the others in your pool.
[itmsapp: 356972275]

ESPN Tournament Challenge if you prefer to join large online tournament bracket challenges like the one on ESPN.com, this is the app for you. It lets you keep track of all of your different brackets in the app, enter new ones, and check your progress overall and in your private groups. You can also track the progress of each game from within the app.
[itmsapp: 359891723]

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