Mail.Ru Games, developers of popular Legend: Legacy of Dragons and Allods Online, have released a new RPG, Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering. The game takes players through the world of Haradan to defeat the evil Sovering.

Mail.Ru Games is describing Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering as “an entirely new breed of RPG.” The combat in the game can be done in one of three different ways including tapping, swiping, and combo-hit controls. Players also occasionally experience in-fight minigames that include a memory game, “collect the mana,” and fighting the “evil eye.” Other mini-games (not in-fight) deal with finding treasure and lockpicking.

The game contains five heroes to choose from. Those champions have over 100 enemies to fight in 15 different locations. Spellcasting includes four different schools of magic with 12 different battle spells. Heroes, of course, can equip themselves with various types of armor and weapons.

Spellcasting looks a bit similar to Infinity Blade, where players draw the spells they’re trying to cast. The shapes the players draw even look similar (why change what works?).

The game is free. Even for those not interested in playing, please download the game and let me know in the comments if the warrior on the title screen looks familiar (Bruce Willis, anyone?)

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Released: 2012-05-10 :: Category: Games

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