Magikarp Jump beginner's guide

Posted by Jessica Famularo on May 26th, 2017
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Magikarp Jump is a mystifying little game. Part Tamagotchi, part idle clicker, there's not a whole lot of video game there, per se, but for some reason we can't help coming back to it again and again.

Your goal is to train up a little Magikarp to be the strongest, best jumper by feeding it endless amounts of food and giving it plenty of exercise. It sounds simplistic, but there's actually a good bit going on beneath the surface. We have a few tips to help you rise through the ranks in the game's early hours.

Train, train, and train some more

Don't jump into league battles right away. Participate in training exercises and gobble up food to level up your JP. If you're winning battles with a slim margin, it's probably a good indication you need to train more. Losing won't hurt you, necessarily, but if you want to try again you'll need to spend diamonds on an item to give it one more go. It's better to avoid this if possible.

Upgrade your training regiments

You can spend gold on upgrades for your assorted training regiments. Early on, invest in upgrades in Sand Bag slam. Upgrades are cheap and offer significant boosts. It's much more efficient to upgrade this exercise than individual berries.

Save your diamonds for friendship upgrades

Goods from the Diamond Store are significantly more expensive, so you'll need to choose your purchases wisely. Early on, it's a good idea to save up your diamonds and spend them on friendship upgrades. FriendlyPokémon will give your Magikarp a boost in JP before battles, which can greatly improve your odds of success. Friends are good to have when you're climbing the ranks early on.

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