MacHeist, the group of spy obsessed puzzle fanatics who put on the occasional, and always fantastic, Mac OSX software bundle deal have released an iOS game and in typical style, it's loaded with puzzles, and prizes.

MacHeist have made a real name for themselves in the Mac/iOS community. They are the organizers of that occasional Mac OSX software bundle deals that are preceded with spy-worthy intrigue and puzzles. These are also, it should be know, the same folks behind the tap tap tap apps like Camera+. The two halves of their collective brain got together and decided to create The Heist, a MacHeist puzzle influenced iOS game where, apparently, you can win something, and they are being as vague as usual here, by beating all of the puzzles in the game.

Not to ruin too much of the overall game for you, as it is rather well done. Let's just say that The Heist continues the recent themes we've seen with MacHeist and their various missions.

So if you are up for a challenge, some fun, and if you are worthy, maybe a little reward. Check it out for $0.99. For more info on what you may possibly win, they say it's worth at least the price of the app, head on over to MacHeist for more.

The Heist

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2011-05-24 :: Category: Game



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