Of all the things that define the high school experience, high-stakes romantic drama is near the top of the list. With hormones pumping rapidly, being a teenager and finding one’s first love is an unforgettable emotional experience. DR Studios is attempting to capture that same feeling in iSchool Dreams: My Valentine.

In this “role-playing interactive story,” players create their avatar and take control of the new girl in Charm Springs. From there, they can choose to spend their time shopping, walking around the park, gossiping and playing matching and dancing games. However, with the Valentine’s Day Ball quickly approaching, players should be doing all they can to get ready. Are they going to help Petey win the DJ battle? Are they popular enough and most importantly, who is going to be their date to the dance?

iSchool Dreams: My Valentine is available now on the App Store. It’s everything a preteen girl could want for this Valentine’s Day.

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Released: 2012-02-09 :: Category: Games

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