Lineage 2: Revolution’s end of year update brings with it more sieges, servers, and strategy opportunities

Posted by 148Apps Staff on December 14th, 2017
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Now available in 54 countries worldwide, Lineage 2: Revolution is continuing its global quest to be the most popular mobile MMORPG by launching a jam-packed end of year update. Complete with many subtle tweaks to help improve users’ online experience as well as two new modes, now there’s even more reasons to keep on adventuring.

If real-time 50v50 clashes between clans is your thing, Lineage 2: Revolution’s new Fortress Siege mode has got you covered. The new game mode will take place every Friday from 20:30 – 21:00 PST from this point onwards, so you’ll need to be quick to get in, do battle, and reap the many rewards you can acquire regardless of winning or losing.

Those not quite ready for Fortress Sieges just yet however should definitely take a look at Open Siege, a battle mode that aiming to give newcomers a taste of Lineage 2: Revolution’s large-scale action. Held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in the same designated time slot, everyone enters at an equal combat power, levelling the playing field to make skill the primary factor.

Lastly, the new update sees Lineage 2: Revolution open up three new online servers intended to ease traffic flow, with one in particular letting those new to Lineage 2 duke it out seamlessly with each other. The Fortress Conquer Shop also now enters the fold, complete with many goodies that will give players the edge when stepping into the new content.

Jump in with friends and join the revolution today with Lineage 2: Revolution’s new modes and servers. It’s free to download now for iOS and Android.

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