Line2, the second line app for the iPhone, has released an update to give that second line even more power. The update added the ability for users to send MMS messages.

The new MMS ability allows users to send pictures and locations with not only other Line2 users but to numbers outside of the app as well. The functionality to send MMS via Line2 has been available since late last year, but, with restrictions from cell carriers, Toktumi was unable to implement the feature. Now, Line2 uses a workaround to send photos to other cellphones by providing a link that the receiver can access without using a special code. Unfortunately, MMS messages can’t be sent back to Line2 users. Line2 users can send MMS messages to each other and can only send out to other numbers.

Line2 allows users to make calls and send texts to other Line2 users with a real phone number for free. Paid users receive unlimited US/Canada calling and texting, call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, conference calls, and more.

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Released: 2009-09-01 :: Category: Productivity

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