As a person that works on a computer for a living, I will have to cop to sometimes lacking a smidgen in the social norms and common sense department.  Though I am no social ignoramus, there comes a time when a person that you are conversing with is harder to read than a left turn sign from the cockpit of a race car.  It is moments like this that having a app to do the heaving lifting for you might be a handy aid.  Thus, the Mind Scan Camera was born.

Never again will you be left scratching your head over confusing body language, because the development team over at BlueFinger, Inc. has developed an innovative emotion analysis technology.  With recognition for up to ten different emotions, all you need to do is import an image into this handy little app and it does all of the rest.  In another awesome perk of the software, they even added in a beta version of their real-time scanning software for no additional cost!  Here is a video that promotes some of the key features:

Okay, I am going to level with you, this may not be the most cutting edge piece of software that ever graced the App Store, but it sure is neat.  Impressive as the tech may be, it is pretty evident that the functionality will be gimmicky at best.  That said, there is quite a bit of fun that could be had at another person’s expense, using a entertaining toy like this.

If nothing else, Mind Scan Camera could make one heck of a conversation piece at a party.  “Why hello there beautiful lady.  What seems to be troubling you?  How did I know that? Let me show you this neat app.”  The rest is history, just be sure that you name your beautiful nerd/supermodel hybrid children after me.

Give the app a download.  Who knows? It might just change your life!

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