Latest Conquer Online Trailer Released

Posted by Jennifer Allen on October 27th, 2011

The hype for the first free to play mobile MMO, Conquer Online, continues to build. Not content with there being just one sneak preview trailer, a new trailer detailing more information about the gameplay within Conquer Online has been released.

Gameplay looks like it's been optimized pretty well for the iPad with touch based controls working well and keeping action easy to get to grips with. Hopefully the graphics will remain as fast paced and lag free as depicted here. The social features have also been expanded upon with the potential to dance, chat, hug and kiss other players in order to develop friendships, love or even marriage in the game world.

Only time will tell how Conquer Online fares on the iPad but with the promise of being the first free to play MMO and the already solid userbase of 10 million fans of the game, it's looking pretty good.

Conquer Online will be released later this Fall.

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