In an oddly timed announcement, AT&T announced Sunday that they intend to acquire the US operations of T-Mobile for $39 billion. The deal would make AT&T the largest US carrier with 120 million subscribers to Verizon's approximately 90 million. The deal will bring new subscribers to AT&T, but more importantly increase AT&T's spectrum.

So you may be wondering if the deal would mean that the iPhone is coming to T-Mobile now. While that's likely to happen, it's too early to know what AT&T really plans on doing with T-Mobile. Though a conference call is scheduled for early Monday to help clear up the deal. Another thing to note is that while both AT&T and T-Mobile are GSM carriers, their respective 3G networks work on different frequencies meaning that the current iPhones used on T-Mobile would only work in the lower speed Edge network.

If AT&T divulges more info on the deal on Monday, we'll report back.

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