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Posted by Jessica Famularo on December 20th, 2017
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Battle royale games have finally arrived on mobile devices, and now they're everywhere, but one of the most popular is Knives Out, a survival shooter much like Player Unknown's Battlegrounds.

You land on a desolate island with the single goal of being the last person standing. You'll have to scrap together whatever you find to build up the best defense you can to avoid the 99 other people who also happen to be fighting for survival. We're going to show you how to build up some real staying power in Knives Out.

Land in unpopulated areas

As you prepare to drop from the airplane at the start of a match, plot out where you will land strategically. Some areas are more popular than others, but it's often best to land somewhere with buildings that's a little more sparse. You won't have to rush to find a weapon or risk getting killed in the first few seconds of the game. Landing somewhere a little more quiet will save you some stress.

You'll need more than just guns

Collecting awesome weapons is certainly one of the joys of the game, but you should focus on other gear, too. Never pass up on a good piece of body armor or a helmet, as these pieces will add to your defense, which will help you if you come under fire. You should also grab a backpack at the first opportunity so that you can carry more items with you.

Master the art of travel

The play area is steadily decreasing, and if you suddenly find yourself outside of it, you'll start to take damage until you die. That means you'll definitely be moving around at some point in the game, which puts you at risk. However, there are safe ways to go about it.

If you have to cross an exposed area, try crawling to stay hidden amongst the grass. It's okay if it slows you down -- it's pretty hard to outrun a sniper, even if you're sprinting. Likewise, always be crouching in houses to stay out of sight of people who might be peeping inside.

Cars are a good option for travel, but should also be used with care. They're great for getting around quickly, but the loud engine is also an excellent signal to alert other players. Be prepared to shoot from the car, and it might be best to avoid driving altogether when the play area has been shrunk to a small space.

Never play without sound

Opposing players can be sneaky, so it's important to play the game with the sound on, and even better, with headphones. You should always be able to hear incoming footsteps or the sound of a car, or even distant gun fire. You never want to be caught unawares, and your sense of hearing will help you stay on top of things.

Are you one of the best Knives Out players around? Share your tips in the comments below.

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