Knights of the Frozen Throne is Hearthstone's next expansion

Posted by Jessica Famularo on July 8th, 2017
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In a complete turnaround from this spring's Jungles of Un'Goro, Blizzard has announced Knights of the Frozen Throne, the next Hearthstone expansion. This expansion travels to icier climes and embraces Blizzard's undead villains.

Knights introduces Hero cards, a brand new card type that allows your current pre-expansion heroes to become Death Knight heroes. When played, these cards transform your current hero into a Death Knight, casts a Battlecry, equips new armor and a brand new Hero Power. It's a pretty clever way to maintain balance while introducing new classes that fans have been clamoring for. Nine hero cards will be available in Knights of the Frozen Throne.

With your new cards in hand, Knights throws you into the Icecrown Citadel, where eight new single-player missions await. If you make it through the challenges within, you may even find yourself facing off against the Lich King himself. These new missions are completely free. You'll get a free hero card for succesfully completing the Prologue, and three free Knights of the Frozen Throne card packs if you survive all eight missions.

You can read up on a bunch of the new cards over in the official Blizzard announcement. Knights of the Frozen Throne arrives in August. You'll be able to buy the new packs for the same price as other Hearthstone cards, or you can pre-order a 50 pack bundle for $49.99 right now, which also grants you the Frostmourne card back.

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