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Posted by Campbell Bird on July 3rd, 2018
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No matter what heroes you happen to summon in Knights Chronicle, you can customize them in a ton of different ways thanks to the game’s myriad upgrade systems. One of the deepest of these systems is the rune system, which allows you to equip up to six different items to characters to boost their stats.

On top of granting general stat boosts, runes can also be upgraded and equipped in sets to make your heroes even more powerful. See below for some handy things to keep in mind about runes.

Keep all six star runes

If there’s one thing you should take away from this guide, it’s that six star runes are pretty much the only runes you should seriously consider equipping and keeping on your characters. Six star runes impart the best stat boost in Knights Chronicle, so make sure to save them for your very best characters.

There is technically a way to transform lower star runes into ones with a higher rating, but this can’t ever actually make a one star rune suddenly become as good as a natural six star rune. Stick with six star runes (or five, if you’re in a pinch) that you get from the rune dungeon or as other rewards to lay the groundwork to creating your ultimate team.

Matching sets and which characters they’re for

Each rune imparts some improvement to your heroes’ base stats. Red runes increase attack, blue runes increase defense, and green runes increase hit points. If you equip multiple runes of the right types though, you can unlock new stat bonuses that can make your hero even more powerful. See below for some of the most common rune set bonuses and how they should be used:

Rune of Rage (4 Rune Set) - 20% Attack Increase: This is the most basic of all rune bonuses. It simply makes your heroes hit harder. This rune set is best for heroes that you always want to have on the offensive.

Rune of Life (2 Rune Set) - 10% HP Increase: Having extra HP makes you more survivable, and it also makes you a better healer. Since most healing abilities in Knights Chronicle are based on HP percentage, having support characters with higher base HP values makes them more effective at their job.

Rune of Speed (4 Rune Set) - 20% Multistrike Increase: Multistrike let’s heroes follow up abilities with an additional basic attack. Having a high multistrike chance is best for heroes with really powerful or useful basic attacks. For example, supports that heal with their basic attack might be able to do more healing by using multistrike, or a hero that can stun enemies when hitting them will stun them more often if they can attack more.

Rune of Protection (2 Rune Set) - 10% Defense Increase: Defense is (unsurprisingly) the most useful stat for defense heroes. It allows characters to take more hits without taking as much damage. So if you have units that can taunt enemies, increasing their defense can ensure they’ll survive more attacks.

Rune of Revenge (2 Rune Set) - 10% Counterattack Increase: Having a higher rate of counter attack is useful much in the same way that multistrike is. Characters that can activate abilities by attacking more often benefit from runes that let them hit more. There are also some heroes that have abilities based around counterattacks, and these runes are best reserved for them.

Rune of Assault (2 Rune Set) - 5% Crit Strike Increase: If your hero has abilities that are dependent upon critical strikes, this is the best rune set for them. Increasing critical strikes generally sounds great, but having only a 5% chance increase makes these runes only feel worth it for particular, crit-based heroes.

Rune of Agility (4 Rune Set) - 5% Attack Speed Increase: If you have a glass cannon-type hero that can nuke enemies but has a hard time surviving long enough to see their turn, increasing their attack speed might be worth it. This gets more important the higher in ranks you get in PvP, but is otherwise not too important.

Rune of Destruction (4 Rune Set) - 40% Crit Damage Increase: This rune set sounds extremely deadly, but it’s highly dependent on your heroes landing a critical hit for it to even matter. If you have heroes with a high propensity for critical strikes and a set of runes of assault on them already, these runes are probably worth equipping, but otherwise they might not be so useful.

NOTE: There are other rune types beyond those listed above, but they are extremely rare and grant strange, one-time effects as opposed to permanent, passive upgrades. To learn more about these runes, you can visit the game’s help menu and click Rune Set Bonus.

Rates of enhancing runes

Once you have all your rune sets equipped, you’re still not done. Every rune can be enhanced up to 15 times to make them even more powerful, though it costs you enhance materials and gold to do so. Also, the further you enhance your runes, the more difficult it is for your enhance attempts to succeed. See below for a list of enhance success rates:

Enhance +1: 100%

Enhance +2: 100%

Enhance +3: 100%

Enhance +4: 90%

Enhance +5: 85%

Enhance +6: 80%

Enhance +7: 70%

Enhance +8: 65%

Enhance +9: 60%

Enhance +10: 45%

Enhance +11: 40%

Enhance +12: 35%

Enhance +13: 15%

Enhance +14: 10%

Enhance +15: 5%

Considering these stats, it’s extremely safe to upgrade all of your runes the first three times, but your chances for failure start creeping in from there. Up to 9 enhancements keeps the odds on your side, and anything beyond that is a pretty big gamble. Enhance beyond 12 at your own risk of losing massive amounts of material and gold for nothing.

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