Knights Chronicle guide - The best PvE characters

Posted by Campbell Bird on July 23rd, 2018
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Everyone loves a good tier list, but there aren’t any great ones out there for Knights Chronicle. This isn’t just because no one bothered to make one though. It’s actually because heroes in Knights Chronicle may be valuable in one aspect of the game when they aren’t in another.

In an effort to build some semblance of a quality tier list for Knights Chronicle, you’d have to break down top heroes for each aspect of the game as well as sort them by the kind of hero they are, which is exactly what this list (the first of many) sets out to do.

This list of heroes in Knights Chronicle ranks the top three characters of each type purely by how good they are in Advent and Multiplayer Dungeons (also known as PvE). In other words, don’t use this list to build your Arena team. Check out our picks for best PvE heroes below:


1. Morrigan: The fiery samurai takes the top slot here because of her pure damage potential. With her skill three, she can kill some Advent bosses in one hit. That—combined with the resurrect she earns as a level 60 talent—make her an incredibly powerful PvE attacker that doesn’t go down easily.

2. Ruby: Ruby’s an amazing attacker that ranks high for PvE solely because of her level 60 talent, which allows her to heal and reduce cooldowns when she’s attacked. This makes for a fighter that can hold her own without a support and allows her to consistently fire off powerful abilities more often than almost every other hero.

3. Ashley: The great thing about Ashley is his ability to decimate many enemies at once with his Ebony Wound skill. No matter how many enemies he’s facing, he can always pop his second skill to guarantee damage over time to every enemy, turn by turn. While all this is happening, he also has a skill three that can deal some massive, single target damage to take down bosses quickly.


1. Electra: This demon lady is fantastic for almost any PvE situation, even when going against people like Taiyo who counter her element. She’s just that good. Not only can she taunt enemies and take hits like a champ, but she can also cast Blaze on enemies, which allows your other heroes to do 200% more attack damage to foes afflicted by it.

2. Claude: If you want a defender that will keep your party alive, Claude is probably your best bet. He can absorb hits rather well, and almost all of his abilities allow him to taunt multiple enemies at once. Pair this with his other talents and abilities that allow his team to basically be immune from damage for two turns, and it’s easy to see why Claude is a beast.

3. Cordelia: Despite not being an SSR unit, Cordelia has more utility than some other SSR defenders (sorry, Marduk), particularly in PvE situations. What makes Cordelia so strong is her ability to heal herself whenever she’s hit thanks to her level 60 talent. She’s also probably the best defense pick for taking on the troublesome Taiyo Advent dungeon right now, which makes her a particularly valuable to have at this point in time.


1. Ramu: Ramu is one of the most useful units in Knights Chronicle, full stop. She may not put out much damage, but she is amazing at keeping teams alive and applying status effects to foes. With her ability to heal entire teams after each of her turns and resurrect fallen teammates, Ramu is a solid—if not necessary—choice to bring into just about any Advent dungeon.

2. Lifa: Equal parts attack and defense, Lifa is a really well-rounded character that can be useful on just about any team. She can taunt enemies to take hits or boost the attack of her entire team. On top of that, her damage output is nothing to sneeze at, so there’s almost always a way for Lifa to contribute to her team, no matter the situation.

3. Mina: Mina’s a beast because she can put out some huge damage, has an auto-revive, and can charm the pants off of your enemies. She may not excel in these areas as much as some more specialized heroes, but if you need a decent attacker that can shut down some enemies from attacking, Mina’s the right girl to add to your squad.


1. Rue: Rue is the only character that seems just as devastatingly effective in PvE as she is in PvP. This is mostly because her kit is designed to thwart annoyances and give you an upper hand in just about any situation. Although she may not seem like a great healer compared to other support characters, Rue shines because of her ability to instantly resurrect heroes and reset all their cooldowns. She’s also great in that she can remove debuffs, which may not be the most obviously useful thing, but is actually incredibly valuable when facing off against certain enemies.

2. Abel: The best thing about Abel is his shields. At level 60, Abel automatically casts bubble shields around himself and two other heroes that absorb all incoming damage. Although he doesn’t have a resurrect ability, Abel’s utility comes in the fact that he’ll rarely allow your team members to die in the first place.

3. Deimos: When a teammate dies in one hit from a powerful boss, you’ll wish you had Deimos on your team. His main utility is that his resurrection powers are instantly activated when a hero dies. He’s also generally just great at healing or preventing your characters from taking damage. He may not be as high-powered as Rue or Abel in PvE, but he’s still a great support hero nonetheless.

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