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Posted by Campbell Bird on July 19th, 2018
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We’ve talked quite a bit about building your best team for PvP in Knights Chronicle, but there always comes a time in the game where you need to turn to other players for help. Multiplayer dungeons can be some of the hardest missions in the entire game, but they don’t necessarily have to be.

You see, the reason why clearing bosses like Decain and even the lowly Flare can be so hard is that you have to depend on players who may or may not know what they’re doing. In order to be a good team player in Knights Chronicle generally, keep the following tips in mind and you’ll likely save yourself and others a lot of time and stamina.

Communication is key

The first—and most important—way to be a better multiplayer partner in Knights Chronicle is to talk and listen to your teammates. You can actually communicate quite a bit of information using the game’s preset messages and emojis, so make sure to use them often and pay attention when others do.

It’s rare that anyone is using these messages flippantly or just to flame you. They are just as invested in clearing the mission as you are, so 99% of the time that a player tosses a “Skill 3!” message on screen when it’s your turn, it’s because they want to make sure you use it.

Bring star power

Something that isn’t explained very well in Knights Chronicle is the way it rates multiplayer dungeon difficulty. Each of these levels has a number of gold stars next to it that resemble the evolution indicators on unit cards, but that’s not what these stars are referring to!

Instead, these stars are their own rating system that seems to loosely correspond with hero enhancement level. As you fuse advent heroes into your characters and replace their gold stars with purple ones, that can be a pretty good indicator of the level of strength you need to enter a corresponding dungeon. So, for example, the Renta level is a three star dungeon, meaning you should probably have a level 60 hero with three purple star enhancements on them to be strong enough to enter.

Check the elements

If you’re ever entering a multiplayer dungeon and wondering which character to bring in with you, you can almost never go wrong with choosing an elemental counter to the dungeon’s type. Many multiplayer dungeons in Knights Chronicle may contain some enemies of different element types, but for the most part, it’s safest, best, and easiest to get a group together using counter heroes.

If you ignore this advice, you could find yourself constantly being kicked out of multiplayer lobbies before they even start. Some multiplayer dungeon bosses absorb certain non-counter elements or otherwise just deal so much damage that choosing random heroes—even if they’re strong—can cause your entire team to wipe.

Bring one healer

The only exception to the elemental advice above is if you have a support character that is particularly good in PvE settings, like Abel or Ramu. Some characters like this are so valuable for keeping the rest of the team alive that they become integral to your team’s success.

Generally speaking though, you should enter lobbies with your most powerful counter hero and switch to support if no one else is filling that role. Having too many supports on your team can make your damage output so low that you won’t be able to beat multiplayer dungeons either, so be careful!

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