Knights Chronicle Guide - How to get started getting into fighting shape

Posted by Campbell Bird on June 21st, 2018
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Knights Chronicle is a mess of esoteric free-to-play systems that somehow manages to be a fun and satisfying rpg. In order to have said fun though, there's quite a few things you need to understand that the game itself isn't very good at doing, like at all. Luckily, we here at 148Apps have been digging deep into the game and figuring out exactly what you should know to get started having a blast with Knights Chronicle:

Start off on the right foot

Knights Chronicle is what some people might refer to as a “gacha” game. This means that the game has a chance-based system for getting new heroes that you can only spend premium currency to use. Fortunately, Knights Chronicle is pretty generous with its premium currency, even if you don't pay. In fact, you get enough currency after the first tutorial mission to summon 11 heroes immediately.

When you summon heroes for the first time, you generally want to be on the lookout for SSR heroes, as they are the rarest and most powerful. If you don't draw any SSR heroes on using your free draw at the beginning of the game, you'll get plenty of opportunities to draw again for heroes later, or you can opt to restart the game and try again until you get a set of heroes you like. This process is often referred to as re-rolling, and is common practice for games like Knights Chronicle. Just because it's common though doesn't mean you need to do it. Decide for yourself whether you think deleting and reinstalling the game dozens and dozens of times feels worth it to get a top tier hero. In the end, it's more important that you find a way to enjoy the game.

If you re-roll, know what you're doing

If you think you're up for re-rolling for an optimal crew, then make sure you do it right. Any SSR hero is nice, but there are three in particular that are some of the best to have right now, as they perform well in Knights Chronicle's PvP Mode. Having a good PvP team is important because it means you can earn some of the best rewards in the game regularly by beating other players' teams.

The best heroes to roll for at the moment are Cain, Ruby, and Rue. Cain is arguably the strongest of the bunch, as he can reduce other teams' ability to heal. Ruby is also quite nice because she has a powerful ability to clear buffs on other teams and heal herself very easily. Finally, there is Rue, who is the best healer in the game.

Build a balanced team

A great team in Knights Chronicle isn't just who has the best units. It's so much more about who has the best set of five heroes that work well together. Even if you pull Cain, you can't just toss any other heroes onto his team and automatically win.

Instead, you need to consider units according to their role, their individual strengths and weaknesses, and even their element type. If you have a team of all attackers or all water units, it's really easy for another team of five that has a healer or 1-2 wind units to win pretty easily. When considering your composition, keep in mind that most great teams have two attackers and at least one support unit. From there, you can slot in another two heroes that fit your playstyle. Just make sure that you aren't too lopsided in any one category. The goal here is to create a flexible team that can take and dish out a great deal of punishment, not just do one thing really well.

Leveling vs. evolution

Once you've gotten your heroes together and decided who you like and don't like, it's time to upgrade them. Unfortunately though, powering up heroes in Knights Chronicle isn't as simple as just leveling them up. You also have to consider the game's evolution system and which you should do when.

The easy way to look at these two systems is to see leveling as actually increasing your heroes power and evolution as raising the potential of your hero to get powerful. To build a really effective team, you need to do both of these things, but there's something else really important about these systems to keep in mind: If you evolve a hero, any levels they've gained will be erased. This sounds pretty terrible, but it can work out in your favor. If you simply want to get a hero as powerful as possible as quickly as possible, definitely evolve before leveling them at all. On the flipside, if you're in less of a rush to pump up a hero, you can max their current level before evolving, which will get you a nice little bonus of premium currency when you do so.

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