Knights Chronicle guide - How to beat Haspiel Assault

Posted by Campbell Bird on July 13th, 2018
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The updates for Knights Chronicle just keep rolling in. This second update to the game comes just six days after the huge 1.1 update and adds quite a few new goodies to contend with.

One of these new goodies is a new multiplayer dungeon known as Haspiel Assault. Although it’s a low-ranking mission, it can be pretty hard to take down at first, but with these few tips you’ll be able to ace this new dungeon easily. We’ll also go over why you should take on this new dungeon at all.

It’s elementary

More than any other dungeon in Knights Chronicle, Haspiel Assault requires that you bring heroes with the right kinds of elemental powers to the fight. Not doing so—no matter how strong the characters—will almost certainly end in defeat.

The necessary elements for passing this dungeon are water, wind, and fire. Although Haspiel himself is red, his hero type is wind, and he fights alongside two stones which are always water and fire types. As a result, you need an even distribution of counters to win.

The secret to success

The strategy behind Haspiel Assault is simple, but it’s just as simple to mess up. There are so many dungeons in Knights Chronicle where you can brute force the boss into submission, but it’s literally impossible to do so here. You have to defeat the stones surrounding Haspiel using counter elements and then use a fire hero to finish the job.

This is mostly because Haspiel and his two stones have special buffs that make attacking them without counter elements do almost no damage. If you keep trying to kill these enemies with non-ideal heroes, Haspiel will eventually attack, and he can easily kill your entire team in one or two hits.

Why defeat Haspiel?

There’s no way to unlock Haspiel himself by defeating him, so you may be wondering what’s in it for you for completing his dungeon at all. The answer lies in the horns that he drops when defeated.

If you’re able to collect 20 horns from running the Haspiel dungeon, you can exchange them for prizes, including Britten, an SSR hero. Keep in mind though that when you redeem your 20 horns, your prize is random, so you’ll want to turn in as many horns as possible to get the prizes you want.

What’s with the ranked prizes?

The final thing to note about the Haspiel Assault dungeon is that its prize page is kind of confusing. The screen shows all the prizes you can win from turning in horns, but it groups them into categories known as ranks.

With the term “rank,” it might sound like certain prizes from this event may only be reserved for players who play the dungeon more than others, but this is not exactly the case. The ranks of prizes just designate how good (and probably rare) each one is, so it’s entirely possible to get Britten to drop after your first redemption, although it’s much more likely that you’ll have to defeat Haspiel a lot to earn enough horns to get him and any other rare prizes you want.

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