Knights Chronicle guide - How the town works, and why you should upgrade it

Posted by Campbell Bird on July 11th, 2018
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There’s a lot of stuff going on in Knights Chronicle, and perhaps the most out of place element in it is its town management layer. Here, instead of training heroes or fighting monsters, you’re just upgrading buildings, most of which can help you earn or purchase new materials.

Upgrading your town can be a long road, but it’s well worth investing in. See below for some more info about the town and how to upgrade it.

Upgrade your mine asap

If there’s one thing to take away from this guide, it’s that having a fully upgraded mine is an extremely worthwhile investment. You mine earns you gold over time, regardless of whether you’re actively playing Knights Chronicle or not, so making it the most effecient money machine possible as early as possible is key.

Although it may sound silly at first to spend upwards of 1,000,000 gold to have your mine produce about 100,000 gold every few hours, these small chunks of regular gold accumulation add up. At max level, you’ll be pulling down over 1.2 million gold a day if you’re diligent about gathering it all on time.

Upgrading doesn’t take as long as you think

At first blush, the town in Knights Chronicle looks quite a bit like a money pit. Every upgrade is pretty expensive, and it’s not clear exactly how much investing you’ll have to do to make to put everything at max level.

The good news here is that there are a finite number of upgrades to purchase for your town, all of them are worthwhile, and they don’t actually take that long to unlock. Your Town Hall tops out at level 10 and gives you access to the Heroic Windmill and Goddess Falls. These two buildings give you the ability to transform and summon heroes respectively. Both of those buildings only have one upgrade each, and the mine can level up all the way to level 10. All told, you’re looking at 17 total purchases, which doesn’t take as long as it sounds.

How the bounty list works

Another important feature of your town is the Bounty List, which gives you five levels to play each day to earn extra gold. These missions are generally worth doing, not just for the gold, but also because they’re usually tied to achievements or daily challenges that grant you extra rewards.

Something that may not be immediately obvious about the Bounty List is that its missions are based on your progress in Knights Chronicle’s story mode. Generally, your missions are generated based on the last set of stages you completed in full. So, if you’re currently in world seven, your Bounty List challenges will be stages from world six, and so on.

The shops

The only thing left to cover about the town in Knights Chronicle is the preponderance of shops that run along the bottom of the screen. The Chance Roulette and Pal Lotto are probably pretty familiar to most people and don’t need much explanation, as they basically take a form of currency and give you a random prize, but the others aren’t so easy to figure out.

The Secret Shop offers up six random items a day, which can range anywhere from runes to heroes. You won’t be able to find any SSR characters for purchase here, but it can be useful to purchase four star R heroes for evolution fodder or an xp mon if you need to level someone up. As for the Laboratory, this is a shop for converting existing currencies you have into other currencies. You can combine elemental essences into rainbow essences, hero spirits for actual heroes (including SSRs), and other bits from events or your guild to get all sorts of things. The exchanges you make in the Laboratory can lead to huge breakthroughs for your characters in Knights Chronicle, but it might require you to sacrifice a lot of earned currency to do so.

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