Knights Chronicle guide - Everything you need to know about the August 9 update

Posted by Campbell Bird on August 8th, 2018
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It seems like every two weeks, we can expect some new and exciting things to come to Knights Chronicle. In the last update, there were some nice quality of life features added to the game, but aside from a couple new heroes, not anything huge to shake the game up too much.

This upcoming update, which should hit within the next 24 hours, promises much more than that. Balance changes to heroes, a whole new game mode, and–of course–some more heroes to gush over. See below for more details:

Tank party

First things first: the heroes. With this new update to Knights Chronicle, we're getting two new heroes, and they're both defense type characters. This should bring some much needed balance to the full SSR roster, which is mostly loaded with attack and support type heroes.

Looking at theses heroes (Amon and Ian) it seems like Amon will be the more impactful unit to the game as a whole. Where Ian is a wind defender that seems like he'd be really good at staying alive, Amon has abilities that can empower your team to burst down enemies quickly.

Guild Battle launch

Since launch, Knights Chronicle has had a menu option for something called Guild Battle that has been perpetually inaccessible. This update promises to change that. When the update goes through guilds should be able to access this feature which (presumably) allow them to fight each other.

Details are scant on the mode at the moment, but Guild Battle appears to be a mode similar to the Arena, where players can test their custom teams of heroes against each other, only this time, it's members of specific guilds fighting one another. It sounds promising, but we'll have to wait and see what Guild Battle is like once the update hits.

Nemesis buff

One of the things that Netmarble has promised in the past is some rebalancing of heroes, namely Nemesis, an SSR that rarely gets used in Knights Chronicle thanks to her slow attack speed and power ramp. This update promises to buff this fire hero so that she'll hopefully be more viable in PvP and PvE.

The specific buffs to Nemesis address her biggest weaknesses directly. For starters, her base attack speed is being increased by 40 points, which should allow her to act more quickly in battle. Secondly, Nemesis has an increased chance of earning Dark Orbs, which are they key to ramping up Nemesis's damage output.

New banner, less stamina

Aside from the changes listed above, there are also a few smaller changes to Knights Chronicle that are worth getting excited about. The first thing is that there will be a new summon banner that provides an increased drop rate for Electra, Amon, and the newly buffed Nemesis. In terms of banner quality, there aren't any of the big three headlining it, but every hero featured is really solid.

Secondly, there are some changes in stamina requirements for the Decain Advent Dungeon and Essence Dungeons. Specifically, these two events will cost half as much stamina as they do normally. This isn't a huge change, but it will let you play Knights Chronicle for longer stretches at a time, which is always a good thing.

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