The comeback is on! Kingdom Conquest II begins a new comeback campaign for players to take advantage of, providing them with the “Super Luxurious Eleven Item Set.” For conquerors who didn’t log in to Kingdom Conquest II during its previous campaign that lasted from June 25th to July 25th, they can now log in any time before September 5th to seize and take advantage of this new reward.

Let the conquest begin, again!

This special reward package includes:
1.150,000 x Crystals
2.400 x Gold Ticket
3.7 x Premium Ticket (Rare)
4.3 x Premium Ticket (Super Rare)
5.400 x Orb Ticket
6.+15% all Resource Production Boost (30 days)
7.Maximum Cost Boost Set (30 days)
8.+30% Monster EXP Boost (30 days)
9.+30% Commander EXP Boost (30 days)
10.War Support Package (30 days)
11.12 x Combat Points