Besides there being something intrinsically cool about having a projector and showing off imagery on a huge screen, it's also immensely useful for a variety of different purposes. Portability isn't a projector's strong point, though. At least, that is until Bem Wireless came along with their new product: the Kickstand.

Currently, and rather appropriately, part of a Kickstarter campaign, the high-definition projector is both portable and packs quite a punch. It's set to offer 720p resolution, with it possible to view media almost 96 inches across from 10 feet away. More conveniently, the light source used to project images will boast a 20,000+ hour lifespan, which should prove plenty of time for its users.

There'll be an assimilated remote control too, doubling up as a lens cover for convenience and functionality. Connectivity is assured, as well, courtesy of an HDMI port, USB port and Auxiliary Audio Out.

The Kickstarter campaign has 17 days to go to reach its $100,000 goal. It's a little distant at the moment, but for those keen to pledge, there's quite a significant discount involved. Set to usually retail at $799, those who pledge now can get one for $750, along with a limited edition embroidered bag and a Bem t-shirt.

Mike Nakamura, co-founder of Bem Wireless, told us how going the Kickstarter route seemed like "a very interesting channel to speak to the consumer", citing the "real passion" amongst those who get involved with the site. That passion is something that's clearly come through in the design process at Bem, given the 5 months of "high energy" work it took to achieve the stylish look for the projector, and the strong focus on being inspired by what "made sense from a portability factor [as well as] ease of use".

Bem Wireless seem pretty confident that regardless of what happens with the Kickstarter, the Kickstand will go ahead. As Mike put it, "One way or the other, I believe it will get to the consumer!" For those keen, though, I'd recommend taking the plunge now. The discounts available through pledging are quite good for a potentially invaluable device, both for business and personal purposes. Lower pledges can also reap users some great mobile speakers, as well as helping towards the Kickstand.

The Kickstarter currently has just over 2 weeks to run with plenty of useful backing options to consider. We just can't resist cool looking product design here, so we'll be sure to keep an eye on its progress. Check out the prototype testing video below.

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