Kick the Buddy guide - how to unlock all weapons

Posted by Jessica Famularo on December 5th, 2017
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Kick the Buddy
is an addictive beat-em up (blow-em up?) that's more commonly tagged as a stress reliever rather than a formal game. You're given a slew weapons which you can then use to take out your frustrations on the titular buddy, a stuffed doll.

The only real goal is to get as much money as possible to unlock new weapons to give you even more ways to kill the buddy. Here are a few tips to help you unlock every weapon in the game.

Figure out which weapons are the best at making money

Many weapons won't be available when you start out, but that doesn't mean there aren't any tools that can help you get your cash flow started. The machine gun is great for farming cash, as is the grenade, which you'll receive from the very beginning. The grenade's explosive power can help you earn 100 bucks or more in one fell swoop.

As you make progress in the game and begin to unlock more weapons, pay attention to which ones give the most money to keep that upward momentum.

Earn weapons by "posting" to Instagram

Don't worry, you don't actually have to post anything to your feed to get these Instagram exclusive weapons. You only have to push the Instagram button, where it will give you options for confirming and publishing your post. You can back out of this once you push the button, and you'll still earn the weapon. You're only rewarded for initiating the action, not completing it!

Experiment with different weapons

If you stick to one favorite weapon, you'll soon find that it will start making you less and less money. It's a good idea to experiment with other weapons to keep things fresh, interesting, and, yes, lucrative.

Do you already have every weapon and gadget that money can buy? Share your own tips in the comments below.

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