If you didn’t catch my post last week, I’m going to be picking one non-game app a week that turns my iPhone into a device that helps with everyday life. Last week my choice was Groups, check out the post here.

My pick for this week is Put Things Off, the to do app by Pocket Jam. This is a basic and sort of stripped down version of a to do app – making it incredibly simple and amazing speedy. For $2.99, I would suggest this app for any iPhone user who wants a to do app without complexity. It’s still a debate, but I will probably use this app instead of Things (my review on that is coming eventually) once the developer adds tags to Put Things Off (which he told me was coming eventually).

Check out the review of Put Things Off here. And suggest an app for next week’s utility here!

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Released: 2009-06-05 :: Category: Productivity

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