PixBits is a new indie mobile development software company. The two guys who are making this game met playing Minecraft, and decided to bring that game's particular vibe to a 2D side-scrolling platform/mining hybrid. The resulting game, Junk Jack, is shaping up to be a fairly significant 2D homage to the Minecraft and Terraria games, complete with chests, mining, building, doors and even mobs. We're pretty big Minecraft fans around here, so we're fairly excited, to say the least.

Just pause a minute and watch the video they just produced - it's all that's needed to see how amazing this game is looking.

The game is currently in beta testing, only for iPhone and iPod touch (though an iPad and OSX version may be in the cards, according to their FAQ), and will most likely be launched for $2.99. Stay tuned right here for more details as we find them out, for sure.


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