Jockey Viva Go is the new horse racing game hoping to be the mane event

Posted by 148Apps Staff on January 5th, 2018
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Recently released on Google Play and the App Store, Jockey Viva Go is Gamecyber’s new horse racing simulator that boasts multiple ways to train, race, and breed your own prized champion animal. Offering everyone the satisfaction of managing their own stable of horses, it’s off to the races in a bid to be the best jockey!

Jockey Viva Go offers multiple racing modes, including Challenge (to test skill and control), Trophy (knock-out and derby style competitions), Betting (for those that enjoy a little wager), and Regular. Each type of race gives you the means to achieve the highest class of horse possible, all while gaining valuable coins and tickets as you go.

Jockey Viva Go also features a unique “acceleration control” setup allowing for greater control horses as they run during each race. The system is expectedly easy to learn and hard to master, but can be easily honed within the game’s dedicated training game mode. It’s here that your horse can improve their speed, energy, power, and temperament, but it’s a tricky balancing act to perfect.

There are well over 100 individual races to engage in every day, meaning that there’s plenty of opportunity to level up with each victory. Thousands of other users online will be looking to do the same, so you’ll need to buckle down and pony up if you’re hoping to work your way up the rankings.

Chomping at the bit to get started? Jockey Viva Go is free to download now for both iOS and Android.

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