Having enjoyed immense success globally with hardcore RPG titles like the MU series, mobile developer and publsher Webzen is set to branch its subsidiary, Webzen Cherryhill, out to the casual crowd thanks to its new sub-brand Appimigos; a studio dedicated to making games that are light-hearted, friendly, and fun - don’t be surprised if you see their name popping up more often.

Appimigos has already hit the ground running this year, having released games likeFire Gun
and Dungeon Simulator, and now two more titles have just hit the appstores withSpace Girl Across the Universe and Jigsaw Puzzle Amigos.

Both games emphasise the brand Appmigos' philosophy of producing games with vibrant visuals to invite the eye, with an equal stress on being easy to pick up and play, but hard to master.

Space Girl Across the Universe, as you might suspect, sees players take control of a space girl travelling across the universe. It’s a mobile runner with a difference in that as well as keeping the pace high, you’ll need to smash any and all coloured blocks standing in the way. It’s indicative of the Appimigos ethos as it can be played with one hand during short bursts of play.

Jigsaw Puzzle Amigos similarly appeals to a broader audience, letting players complete traditional puzzle sets consisting of up to 540 pieces across a range of categories like Famous Paintings, Animals, Food, Sports, Science, and more. Once pieced together, players will be treated to a high-resolution image to reward their hard work.

These are just the first of many more encompassing games set to be released by Appimigos, and if you fancy getting a taste of what’s to come, you can find Space Girl Across the Universe available to download on iOS and Android alongside Jigsaw Puzzle Amigos, which can also be found on the App Store and Google Play.

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