The Smurfs Classic Series, another iStoryTime app, has been released by zuuka incorporated. It’s the first digital version of the series to be created. The first issue of the series, “The Giant Smurf,” is available as a free download. The remaining issues will be available for $2.99 a piece.

The free issue, “The Giant Smurf,” is about a dry season in the Smurf village that threatens to ruin the smurfberry bushes. A magical fertilizer is used to save the day but accidentally gets on Hefty Smurf and causes him to become a giant.

The app includes a feature that allows for personalized narration by recording the users own voice. Regular narration is already built in to every page of the app as well as animation and sounds.

The Smurfs Classic Series is now available on both the App Store and the iBookstore. The iBookstore versions allow for a free preview to be downloaded before it’s purchased. Other iStoryTime apps include the Puss In Boots Movie Storybook and the Arthur Christmas Movie Storybook.

The Smurfs Classic Series

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2011-10-13 :: Category: Game



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