Apple sent out notice today that on Thursday of this week they will give us some details on the next version of the iPhone OS, version 4. We can start the official speculation now, what will we see added to the iPhone OS 4? Multitasking? Notification manager? New app launcher? Hopefully all of those and and many more new features.

One big difference this time is that Apple will be detailing the changes to the iPhone OS for 2 very different platforms, the iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad. It will be interesting to see what changes they make and if they make any changes that only work on one platform and not the other.

So let's hear your guesses -- give us your lists for what new features you think Apple will reveal later this week in the comments below. But remember, this is software only, so don't go guessing frontside camera or anything like that. Get your guesses in and we'll check back after the announcement to see how you do.

[via Gizmodo ]

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