Come Monday morning at 10am Pacific time, Phil Schiller will hit the stage at WWDC to put and end to all of the rumors about the next iPhone. We hope so anyway. I hope that a new iPhone, or maybe multiple iPhones, will be unveiled then. We know that at least OS 3.0 will be discussed heavily.

What features will the next iPhone have? Higher resolution camera? Video capabilities? More memory? There are so many rumors that it's hard to keep up. There have been a few very interesting and convincing looking rumors the last couple days.

We'll also, hopefully, get some more details on OS 3.0 and it's release date.

I'll be at the keynote on Monday and I'll try to tweet the major announcements to our Twitter stream (@148apps). If Twitter fails under the load, we'll move over to our Friendfeed stream. Scratch all that. After further testing, I think the best option is going to be a special FriendFeed group, set up and ready to go with details right here.

You can still get in on our Design The Next iPhone Contest with some great prizes from Griffin Technology. The first prize is valued at an amazing $210. Hurry up though, the entries close at 9am on Monday!

This should be a good keynote!

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