Since the launch of the iPhone 4, we've seen lots of developers release details about their submitted but not yet released iPhone 4 flashlight apps. Apps that trigger the LED flash on the back of the iPhone 4 used to provide extra light for the camera. These flashlight apps trigger that LED to give you enough light to navigate in the dark.

Today it looks like Apple finally decided to approve that type of app and we've seen a rush of this new sub-genre. So far we've seen at least 11 of them appear in the App Store and I'm sure we'll see dozens more in the next few weeks. Most of these apps are showing up at $0.99 while just one has been released as free. Since they are all basically the same, you might just want to pick up the free one and put that dollar toward an app that's a little more original for your iPhone 4.

A huge warning on these apps is that the LED will likely burn through your battery pretty quick. You won't likely notice much of a problem if you are using it for a few second here and there.

So far no one has released the Doodle Jiggle Bikini God LED Flashlight app. That will be the killer one we've all been waiting for. [end sarcasm]

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