So, now that we know more about iOS 7 and it's new design and features, a lot of us might be wondering what it would look like on our iPhone. Well, to make it easy on you, we've posted links to a few videos that you can watch on your iPhone to give you an idea of how it will look. Check it out!

Video Links -
Control Center: Swiping up to see the control options.
iTunes: Swiping through music and selecting an artist.
Messages: Typing a message about a friend who says hello!
Mail: Checking out the inbox and selecting an email.
Notification Center: Scrolling through notifications.
Multitasking: Swiping through multiple open apps.
Photos: Looking through photos of friends forever!
AirDrop: Sharing items with two friends nearby.
Camera: Getting ready to take a photo, selecting different options. And did that guy close his eyes at the end? Ugh! Retake!
Safari: Surfing through the Safari and scrolling through multiple websites.
Siri: Asking Siri about what movies are playing nearby and getting the answer.
Weather: Watching the heavy snow fall. So pretty!

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