Evernote released an update today to enhance the app and move to the iOS 7 user interface style. The update includes a new home screen as well as the ability to share items via AirDrop. The biggest feature is the use of background sync to keep your notes up to date and ready for you whenever you need them.

• New home screen – everything on one screen: personal and business notes, notebooks, tags, plus shortcuts and announcements
• In notes section the app displays your two most recent notes for quick reference
• Quicknote features – start a new note, snap a photo, create a reminder, and make a task list
• As soon as the note editor opens, the cursor moves into the note body with the keyboard in view
• Image and PDF markup – premium feature, EN premium users can mark up any attached PDFs
• Notebooks and Tags
• Share notes with AirDrop
• Keep everything in sync – EN is able to keep your acct updated when the app isn’t active